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When you are searching for the best 6 person tent it can be difficult to look through all the options available on the market and filter out the good from the bad. We understand that finding the perfect tent for your next camping trip is vital to getting the most enjoyment from your excursion.

The team at Skyliners are highly experienced campers and have been testing out different tents for years. We have gathered what we believe to be the best 6 person tents on the market today and provided a summary to guide you on your next purchase. We have devised a list of the best 6 person tents that we have found value and enjoyment from, and provided a breakdown on their strengths, weaknesses, and their ideal uses. Enjoy!

StabilityInterior AreaSize & WeightValueTotal ScoreOur Picks

Bushnell Shield 6
Overall best choice

Coleman Elite
WeatherMaster 6
4/54/54/55/53/54/524/30Solid family all-rounder

ALPS Mountaineering
Explorer 6 person
4.5/54/54.5/53/54/53/523/30Best compact option

Moose Basecamp 6
4.5/54/54.5/53/54/53/523/30Best for cold climates

Coleman Sundome
1/55/52/52/55/54/519/30Only for warm climates and mild weather

What Makes a Great 6 Person Tent?


No one likes to wake up in a puddle, so what are the features of a waterproof tent?

Tent fabric is tested for waterproofness by measuring how much water pressure the fabric can take before it fails and lets water through. This rating is measured in millimeters. For example, if the tent in question has a waterproof rating of 1,500mm that means the fabric can withstand 1,500mm of water before it leaks.

The larger the number, the more water pressure the tent fabric can withstand. Something to remember though, is that tents with a rating above 3000mm can become heavy and bulky, making them difficult to transport and set-up. As a general rule, a tent with a rating of 1500mm – 3000mm is more than enough to keep you dry in heavy rain while being light enough to carry to the campground.

Source: Rightline Gear


Condensation can be a big issue in a 6 person tent. With so many people sleeping in a tent so how can you ensure your tent is breathable enough?

A good 6 person tent will have two layers (an inner tent body and an outer rain flysheet). Having these two layers helps reduce condensation by increasing breathability. The inner tent is usually made from breathable fabric or features large mesh panels while the outer rain fly in modern tents is made from polyester or nylon.

Having these two layers means if condensation does build up the moisture sits on the inside of the outer flysheet, keeping the inner tent walls dry. When selecting a tent for 6 people, having a “double-walled” tent is essential. Each tent on our best 6 person tent list features this design.



The design of your tent and the construction of the poles are an important factor for stability. The larger a tent gets, the more important a solid design becomes. While it’s relatively simple to make a stable two person tent, doing so for a 6 person tent becomes more challenging.

Even if the forecast for your trip is predicting smooth sailing, anyone who has spent much time outdoors will be well aware that conditions can change dramatically without warning. A large, unstable tent and an unpredictable gale force wind are the recipe for a camping nightmare. 

Alloy poles are much more reliable than their fiberglass counterparts, though they are also significantly more expensive. Plenty of tie down points and a set of heavy duty tent pegs will go a long way towards a stable tent also. 


Interior Area and Space Division

Do you want to be able to stand up in your tent? Do you need separate rooms?

Interior space and room design are important factors to consider when selecting the best 6 person tent for you and your friends or family. Ask yourself if you need the privacy that a multi-roomed tent offers or whether you are fine having one large communal space.

Multi-roomed tents offer good storage and privacy options but will generally be heavier and take longer to set up than single room tents. Consider whether you want a quick and easy set up that is lightweight, or whether you want a longer-term space for camping with a bit of privacy.

If you desire a tent that you can stand up and walk around in, then your best bet is a large cabin tent. These are easily set up and offer maximum space and headroom. Ideal for long stays at a commercial campground, the cabin tent offers a large space for a family or group of friends to relax and enjoy the outdoors.



Do you require a porch or awning, or some extra space to store your kit?

If you are heading out for a weekend break then perhaps you will not need much storage However, if you are planning on using your tent for week-long trips, storage may be an important factor to consider.

Some tents offer a large porch for storing boots and cooking gear along with internal storage pockets in the main body to keep valuables off the ground. Storage lofts are another great storage solution that some cabin and dome tents offer. Lofts allow you to store clothes and valuables on the ceiling of the tent, keeping them out of the way and off the ground.



Usually weight is a more important factor in a one or two person tent, as these will be carried in a backpack more often. We don’t see too many people lugging 6 person tents into the wilderness, but the weight of your tent can still be a factor to consider depending on your particular usage.


What range of temperatures can you expect in the place you will be taking your 6 person tent? As we already touched on, weather will often be unpredictable. However if you aren’t planning on heading into the Himalayas or the Australian outback then you may be able to at least count out some extremes.

If you are camping in a cold climate you will want a tent with superior breathability as the contrast between the warm interior and cold exterior will increase the likeliness of condensation. Along with this, you want good insulative properties and a durable product that can withstand the long, cold nights.

If you are camping in a hot climate breathability is also paramount. Having maximum airflow will help keep cold air flowing through the tent while preventing it from getting too humid inside. Having a lighter-colored tent exterior will also reduce the heat absorbed from the sun’s rays and help reflect heat. Having a darker inner tent will help block the sunlight from reaching the tent’s internal space, keeping the temperature cooler and more comfortable.

The best 6 person tents

The Bushnell Shield Series 6 Person Cabin TentBEST ALL ROUND

The Bushnell Shield Series offers the camper a high-quality product for a reasonable price. The poles come pre-attached to the tent body which makes setting up both quick and easy. There is enough space for two queen-sized air beds and being a cabin tent, it has plenty of headroom. This tent has loads of storage pockets and features a mesh gear loft to keep your kit off the ground and out of the way.

We named this most versatile for its sensible price, easy setup, excellent storage options, and its weather and heat resistant qualities. It offers the user a medium weight article that suits many different camping situations and weather conditions year-round.

Reviews on this tent are positive with many consumers praising its easy setup and generous space. We love the roomy, well-ventilated space along with the excellent water and UV protection that this tent offers. The Bushnell Shield Series Tent is sure to keep you dry and warm in the cold months and cool and shaded in the warmer months.



The Moose Country 4 Season Expedition Tent – Best for cold and windy climates

The Moose Country Basecamp Expedition Tent is our top pick for cold climates and windy conditions. This tent has a traditional dome structure that holds up well in the wind, rain, and snow. It is easy to set up, has plenty of room for 6 people in the main body, and ample room for cooking gear and boots within its enclosed porch.

Although this tent is suitable for “4 seasons” we believe it is best suited for the colder months of the year. This tent is great at holding heat inside and is far too warm for the hotter months, however that makes it perfect for those winter expeditions into the wilderness!

Reviews on this tent are brilliant with the only bad points being that it gets too warm – a bad point in the summer but a great one in the winter. We love the space and the insulative properties the Basecamp offers and getting such a high-quality winter tent in a package that weighs no more than 10 pounds is a huge plus.


ALPS Mountaineering Explorer tent – Best compact option

The Explorer is a lightweight 6 person tent that balances simplicity, waterproofness, and weight to provide a durable article that can be carried into the wilderness. At 14 pounds, this tent is light enough to carry into the forest while still giving great protection from the weather.

We love this tent because it is light enough to take into the wilderness and comfortably sleep up to 6 people. If you’re l0oking for a tent that will fit on a motorcycle or in a kayak, this is your guy. Its simple dome design is easy to set up and holds up well in wet and windy conditions. If you are looking for a rugged tent to house a group of six in the wilderness, then look no further than the Explorer.

Reviews on this tent are positive with one camper waking up warm and dry after five inches of snow fell during the night. This tent has a very sturdy construction and is made of high quality waterproof material.



The Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6

If you are looking for a roomy tent that is suitable for family camping trips, then the Coleman Elite is the tent for you. This tent has plenty of space and is packed with useful features. The Elite boasts Coleman’s WeatherTec system that helps keep this tent’s interior dry in all-weathers. There is an inbuilt LED system that offers three brightness settings to light up those dark evenings as well as a protected E-port to allow easy electrical hook up when at a campsite.

The Colemen Elite Weather Master allows you to easily unclip the flysheet to expose a mesh skylight for warm nights observing the stars. It features roll down window panels that are easy to use, making it easy to air out the tent on a summer morning. It is reasonably easy to assemble in under 30 minutes, but it can be difficult to pack away due to its size.

Reviews on this tent are good with the most positive attributes being its spacious room, great ventilation, and airy screen porch. Overall, this tent is perfect for the adventurous family and it brings a bit of home to the outdoors.



The Coleman Sundome 6 person tent

The Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent is ideal for a group looking to camp in the summer on a budget. If you just want something for a few weekends in the summer months, then you may not have a huge budget for a tent.

The Sundome offers a good amount of space and is breathable enough to support 6 people comfortably without condensation. This tent is ideal for summer camping however if your expecting rain this isn’t the best choice for you. This tent is great for hot climates, but its waterproof rating is low, so if you are expecting more than a light shower perhaps you should look at the next tent on the list – The Bushnell Shield Series.

Overall, the Coleman Sundome is an excellent low-budget tent ideal for festivals or family camping trips in the summer. It is made from high-quality polyester and will last for many summer holidays to come.

Reviews on this tent are great, with inexperienced campers finding the tent easy to set up and pack away. There is plenty of space for a family of six (6 adults is a stretch), enough space to stow away your gear, and fit two queen-sized air beds side by side. The tent can handle very light showers without leaks however some users have experienced a wet morning after a heavy shower.


Final Comparison

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from when selecting a good 6 person tent. Whether you are a sun-hungry group of friends looking for a cheap weekend getaway, the adventurous family that has a taste for the outdoors, or a group looking for comfort in the wilderness during the colder months, there will certainly be something that suits your needs on our best 6 person tent list.

When you choose your tent make sure to consider our 7 determining factors before you buy. If you need to compromise on features, make sure you never sacrifice waterproofness or breathability if you are going to use the tent year-round.


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