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Contents - Bearpaw Vs Ugg Boots

Introduction – Bearpaw Vs Ugg Boots

Bearpaw vs Uggs boots, which one is best? This question has been puzzling lots of users, and here at, we have all the answers. Uggs and Bearpaw boots are known to be quite resourceful during winter or cold seasons. And this is a fact you can attest to as well.

But the main challenge comes in distinguishing them. These boots have similar features, styles, and comfort that make it hard to choose one over the other. And like many other brands, Bearpaw and uggs have a fair market share. 

Despite being pricey, some people would sacrifice a lot just to have a pair. With the warmth, comfort, style, and fashion that they offer, we can agree they are worth it. And if you choose it by looks, it’s even harder to know their difference. 

However, there are a few key features you can rely on to differentiate these boots. And we will cover each feature and even assist you in choosing the boot that suits you.

Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots

If you are looking for more than just warmth during the winter month, Uggs are the best. They are known to be the center of fashion when it comes to winter boots. 


Uggs boots are older than Bearpaw. Founded in 1978, they are originally from Australia. At the time of its founding by Brian Smith, these boots became a favorite to many people almost instantly. The typical design depicts the 1960s surfer boots, but today, it’s an outstanding design found in over 125 countries. 

What are they made of?

Uggs boots are made of Sheepskin on the outside with a wool interior lining to boost warmth. The sole comprises rubberized foam for sturdiness and also provides comfort/cushioning. And for a flawless finish, it has hidden stitches. 

And just like Bearpaw boots, this shoe has a pretty sturdy form that enables it to maintain an upright shape. Thus, regardless of how long you want to wear it, you don’t have to worry about shape distortion. 

And if you have a unique taste of color, there is enough to choose from. These include gray boots, black, chestnut, and brown boots among others. They are all durable boots with sturdy materials, which means the boots can serve you for more than two years.

Standout Features – Ugg Boots

Material: wool, twin-face sheepskin, other leather, rubberized foam (sole)

Durability: 2 to 3 years

Price: More expensive 

Comfort: cozy, lightweight


  • Colors – various colors

Stitching: hidden stitching 

Shape: slouched 

Founded: 1978

Bearpaw Boots

These are remarkable boots for anyone wanting to spend less but get quality boots for warmth, and comfort. 


Founded in 2001, this line of boots was designed by Tom Romeo. They are unisex boots meant to offer comfort and style to both adults and children. Over the years, it has gained recognition and a solid share of the market thanks to affordability and quality. 

What are they made of?

The typical design was crafted using sheepskin as the internal lining and sued leather from cows as external. At the base, the sole is rubber. And a combination of these materials provides warmth, comfort, and sturdiness when walking out in the cold. 

The general structure is sturdy and remains upright even after a year of continuous use. When it comes to colors, there’s something for everyone. They are available in blue, white, black, beige, and dark turn among other colors. 

And thanks to their design, they blend perfectly with all types of pants. Further, the various designs that these boots come in provides you with enough option to find what suit your personality. And just like any quality boot, they are durable and can withstand rough handling.

Standout Features – Bearpaw Boots

Key Features

Material: Cow suede leather with sheepskin lining

Durability: 1 to 2.5 years

Price: relatively cheaper

Comfort: soft


  • Various colors
  • Various styles
  • Various sizes

Stitching: Visible stitches

Shape: upright shape

Founded: 2001

Buyers Guide – Bearpaw Vs Ugg Boots


  • Durability

Durability is a key element if the value of your money matters. That means if your boot can last you for many months or several years, you will get back the value of what you spent. But if it wears off quickly, then you will have to buy a new one quickly and this is a loss.

With these two brands, Uggs tends to deliver more on the value of your money. They are more durable and could last close to three years if you restrict wearing. Also, they are best if your region is susceptible to many cold months across the year. 

With the lighter sole, premium quality material, and heavily insulated, you won’t complain during cold months. So, get through intense winter months with ease by getting Uggs boots 

  • Price

Price is a key factor when budgeting on how much to spend on a given product. And this is true, especially with pricey products. In this case, you need to maximize on value as you purchase the boots. And that’s what the Bearpaw and uggs boots are offering.

But remember, these two brands are premium with a solid reputation. Therefore, it will cost you more than what you would spend on a regular winter boot. But even so, each brand has unique traits that define and justify its price over the other. But what cuts across is quality.

That said, Bearpaw is relatively cheaper than Uggs boots. And this is because uggs boast of having premium material with excellent craftsmanship and overall comfort. Also, they use more material for insulation and overall form which may be the reason for being pricey. 

But that doesn’t mean Bearpaws are lesser than Uggs when it comes to quality due to price. Both brands offer superior quality products. They are close rivals despite the huge difference in the lowest price. So, if you are looking for a winter boot for its primary purpose, then, any of these two will do. But if your focus is on fashion and high-end boots, then Uggs are the best. 

  • Material

Material is another key feature. And this is especially if you are getting these boots for their primary purpose. The last thing you want is cold feet after digging deep into your pocket to get winter boots. But besides the primary function of the boots, the look and feel of the material matter. 

If you are a fashion lover, you want the boots to be complementary. But these can only work if the material which is the main face of the boots looks amazing. On that note, material matters when choosing your boots. 

With Bearpaws, they are made off of cow suede leather with an inner lining of sheepskin. And this is enough to provide you with warmth and comfort. Also, the material is flexible allowing you to move your leg freely. 

On the other end, Uggs have a sheepskin exterior and wool lining as the interior. This makes the boot flexible and very comfortable to wear. Also, it provides you with enough insulation to keep warm during cold months. 

Still, on material, the soles of these two brands differ. Bearpaw boots have pure rubber as the sole, which is durable, but a little bit heavier. Uggs boots on the other hand have rubberized foam, it’s also durable but lighter than the rubber from its counterparts. Further, the rubberized foam improves cushioning and comfort below your feet as you walk. 

  • Comfort

The prime material from the surface to the lining and the foam sole make Uggs boots a favorite pick over Bearpaw boots. They are lighter, heavily insulated, more cushioning, and flexible, which is contrary to what Bearpaw boots have to offer. 

But don’t get this wrong, Bearpaw boots are also comfortable, warm, and lighter. Both brands provide extreme comfort. But in this case, Uggs is just better when it comes to picking one of them in terms of the comfort that they have to offer. 

Further, Bearpaws solid rubber sole makes them heavier. Thus, Uggs boots will feel lighter and cozy due to the foam sole. 

  • Variety

Bearpaw boots take it all in this category. They are more diverse in style, size, price, and color. Therefore, clients can get what they need with ease from this brand as compared to Uggs. 

Buyers Guide for Bearpaw and Uggs Boots

Bearpaw and uggs boots are the most iconic winter boots across the globe. They have a fluffy interior that makes them warm and cozy. On the outside, they are crafted using leather for visual appeal. And their style blends well with any type of pants. But how do you choose the right boot? 

From the first section, you can distinguish between Bearpaw and Uggs and choose one that suits you. In this part, let’s discover other factors to consider when buying these winter boots beside the type of boot:

  • Size

Size is critical at the time of purchasing these boots. While you can find a true size for your foot, you must be cautious when choosing the right fit. Unlike ordinary shoes, these winter boots do stretch. Therefore, you must take this into account at the time of choosing the best size. 

That means you must purchase a size that fits around your feet tightly. Over time, the boots will stretch to nearly half the original size creating more room for your feet. But if you pick a larger size than your feet, then you will have to abandon them sooner. By the time the boot molds around your feet, the resulting space will be too huge for your feet to fit. 

Further, there are various size options you can get. That means you can get one of these boots for your toddlers, baby, or kids, besides the adult sizes. 

  • Material

If you are a vegan, keep in mind that these shoes are crafted using skin and hides from animals. And this is true with Uggs boot which doesn’t offer a synthetic option. But with Bearpaw, you have a chance to enjoy these fabulous boots that are animal-friendly. This brand offers synthetic options to cater to consumers who are vegan/ vegetarians. 

  • Watch out for counterfeit

Being renowned boots across the globe, there are multiple counterfeits out there drooling over the market share of these products. And as such, they manufacture imitation of these boots and use them to swindle you. So, if you are not keen, you may spend huge sums of money on a fake boot. But with these guidelines, you will have a safe purchase:

  • Careful inspection

If you are tempted to buy from any store, ensure you have prior knowledge of how legit ugg or Bearpaw boot looks like. First, inspect the type of finish. Bearpaw has external stitching that’s precise and flawless. 

And the ugg boots have hidden stitching that is smooth and seamless. But when it comes to imitations, they tend to use poor quality materials that are cheaper. This means poor stitching and even the use of awful smelling glue. 

  • Material inspections

You should be able to tell between genuine and fake leather when buying these boots. And this is because the material determines the durability of these boots. So, if you get fake boots, they will wear and tear quickly. 

Therefore, to be certain about the material, touch the surface of the boot and feel the texture. Genuine fur is thicker and doesn’t come off with ease when rubbing. Fake fur on the other end is thin and tends to shed off when brushing through it with your hands. 

Lastly, examine the sole, try and bend it to feel the flexibility. Genuine rubber sole or rubberized foam from these boots should be flexible. If it feels rigid or tough, then that’s a fake boot. 

  • Inspect Security features

These brands come with security features that guarantee whether the boots are genuine or not. For instance, uggs security features are in the shoe, specifically the left shoe. You can either find a Smartphone readable QR code or a unique sticker. The sticker is photo-responsive when rotated changing its color from black to white. 

BONUS TIP – Cleaning Guide

At the end of the day, you can’t keep your boots as clean and fresh-looking as you bought them. And as such, you need to clean them and remove the dirt that’s damaging their shine. And with the following tips, this should be easy:

  • Cleaner/Conditioner

Start by cleaning your boots with a cleaner/conditioner specific to your boot’s leather. For proper cleaning, deep a sponge or soft fabric into water then dampen the surface of your boot. Thereafter, use the cleaner/conditioner with the same sponge to clean up the dirt from your boot. The cleaner will eliminate blemishes, while the conditioner will enhance the softness of your suede. 

  • Protector

Once the boots are dry after cleaning and conditioning, apply a protector specific to your boot’s leather. This will keep away stains that may ruin the look of your boots. 

  • Eraser and Brush

In this stage, only use sued/sheepskin eraser or brush for best results and protect your boots from damage. It’s best to brush your boots when they look dull and unappealing. 

  • Freshener

Lastly, use a boots freshener to keep the inside of your boot fresh. But after spraying, leave it to dry up for one day before wearing. 

Conclusion – Bearpaw Vs Ugg Boots

Bearpaw vs Uggs boots, which one is better? If we are to use the above comparisons, then Ugg boots are the winner.

And this is because it uses superior material over Bearpaw, which means it’s warmer, comfortable, and flexible on your legs and feet. Further, it’s lighter owing to the rubberized foam as the sole, enabling you to walk comfortably. 

And when it comes to style and fashion, it’s a remarkable piece. They offer one of the high-end designs making them a center point when it comes to boot fashion. And since it’s crafted from natural sheepskin and leather, the durability is unsurpassed. Lastly, it has smooth and hidden stitching that gives it a smooth and flawless finish. 

However, if your concern is budget and variety, then you can only get this from Bearpaw boots. This brand offers competitive prices which happen to be the lowest than that of its close rival, Uggs boots. What’s more, the two brands of boots have a close resemblance in appearance. 

Therefore, you can still enjoy the looks even though the quality and cozy feel between these two boots differ. Lastly, Bearpaw has more variety in style, size, material, and price. And this is a feature you will hardly enjoy from its close counterpart, Uggs boots. But, end of it all, the client’s preference matters most.

Sky-Liners Choice - Bearpaw Vs Ugg Boots

Ugg Boots


FAQ's - Bearpaw Vs Ugg Boots

If they are all made from genuine sheepskin or cowhide, then they will stretch. And this is normal for any genuine leather product. With time your boot will stretch to almost half its size. So, when you are buying these boots, ensure you get one that fits you comfortably.

Yes, there are. You will find shoe ranges for all kids between four and 12 years. And that’s not all, toddlers are also not left out. And if you have a baby under 24 months, there are specific sizes for them.

You should not, since both uggs and Bearpaw boots have fluffy inner lining meant to keep your feet warm. Therefore, if you wear socks, you are interfering with the efficiency of the lining in maintaining your feet warm. 

Further, if you wear socks, they will compact the micro-fibers of the inner lining. And just note, the micro-fibers are responsible for the insulation and ventilation of your feet.

Unfortunately, neither of these boot brands comes with arch support even though they offer incredible comfort. And they are not the only ones, all traditional winter ugg boots come without arch support.

Currently, Uggs boots are non-vegan; they are all made from animal skin. But this is different with Bearpaw, as they offer vegan boots. And not just one type of vegan boot but several. So, if you prefer puffy boots, you will love faux fur. But if you want to stick with sued, there are micro-suede options.

Bearpaw and uggs boots are different and each comes from a different company. Uggs boots were founded first in 1978 by Brian Smith. And then several decades later, Bearpaw was designed by Tom Romeo in 2001. But currently, Decker Brands are the leaders of Uggs boot.

Unfortunately, your favorite ugg boots can absorb water, thus, they have no water resistance. But this shouldn’t turn you down. With the right waterproof spray, you can make them water-resistant. That said, you should use water repellant spray specific to the leather type of your boot. So, if it’s a sued boot, then it should be a sued water repellant spray and likewise for other types of leather.


If you want to enjoy the coziness of your Bearpaw boots during wet weather, then look for waterproofing spray. And ensure you get one specific for sheepskin or sued leather. But even with the waterproof coating, avoid stepping in floodwater. And if the boots get wet, dry them up to prevent further damage to the material.

While there are distinct features that distinguish these boots, they also have close similarities. Firstly, these two brands of boots are very similar to a point that it’s tough to distinguish them through appearance. Second, they share several features like comfort, color varieties, and primary functions. 

But even so, they also have unique features that make Uggs better than Bearpaw boots. So, are Bearpaws boots as good as uggs? Yes, they are, but the choice and opinion also depend on the users.

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