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Badlands Monster Vs Tenzing TZ 1250

One of the most useful yet underrated pieces of luggage out there is the fanny pack. Fanny packs have numerous advantages, including convenience and improved load management.

They also help minimize the risk of injury to shoulder muscles. There are numerous types of fanny packs that you can find on the market, but it’s unlikely all of them would suit your needs.

You need to choose the right one in terms of purpose, comfort level, and durability among other features.

Tenzing TZ 1250 and Badlands Monster are examples of superior fanny packs with these features.

The Monster is a small but mighty fanny pack. It is easy on your back, thanks to its comfy, padded waist belt and a shoulder harness.

It boasts plenty of cargo room and strategically placed pockets to keep your stuff organized.

The TZ 1250, on the other hand, is an exceptionally versatile fanny pack. A favorite for hunters, the pack, can fully adjust to fit your size and hunting style.

It ensures complete mobility, offers multiple load points, and has meticulous organization options.

So, which one should you choose between the two models?

This Tenzing TZ 1250 vs. Badlands Monster review aims to answer that question and more providing you with all the information you need to make a confident choice in your fanny pack purchase.

Specs Overview – Tenzing TZ 1250 vs. Badlands Monster

ProductMaterialCapacityWeightNumber of PocketsFrameAdjustable Torso
#1. Tenzing TZ 1250
Our Best Pick

Check Price
Polyester1,250 Cubic Inches3.8 Pounds13NoneNo
#2. Badlands Monster

Check Price
KXO-32 Polyester1,100 Cubic Inches2.62 Pounds6InternalYes

Let’s have a detailed look at of these two fanny pack models.

Tenzing TZ 1250 Fanny Pack Review

The most outstanding features of Tenzing TZ 1250 include a channeled and air-cooled back pad, 13 compartments and pockets, 2-liter capacity compatible hydration, padded hip belt, and bow/gun holder.

The TZ 1250 is highly portable and offers exceptional utility. It is ideal for hunting. Its 13 compartments and pouches provide a total of 1,250 cubic inches of capacity.

You can access these compartments from various points, including from top, front, and hips.

You can pack a heavy load quite effortlessly with this fanny pack thanks to the fact that it utilizes a fully-adjustable vertical shoulder and padded waist belt.

The TZ 1250 also has external compression straps, which allow for effortless gear tethering.

The arc flip-out and gun holder can’t go unmentioned either. They facilitate hands-free entry and exit from the field.

This fanny pack is constructed using tough polyester, which makes it exceptionally durable.

It can withstand the harshest conditions in the wild, protect your gear from external damage, and serve you diligently for many years.

This pack is designed to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable thanks to air-cooled return packs that maintain a good flow of air between the pack and your back.

The Pros of Tenzing TZ 1250

  • Very comfortable pack
  • Has bow/gun holder
  • More pockets than the Monster
  • Has built-in strap hiders
  • Straps on top and bottom of the pack
  • Better bladder setup


  • Straps not very heavy duty
  • Side pockets on the small side
  • A little heavier
  • Somewhat pricey

Now let’s explore the Badlands Monster

Badlands Monster Fanny Pack Review

Badlands Monster seems to be a little smaller than the Tenzing fanny pack. Nonetheless, it features a generous number of external attachment points where you can put your extra gear.

The pack may be smaller, but it boasts an excellent belt system and well-placed compartments and pockets.

The Monster also has durable construction and comes with a lifetime warranty. One of the most notable setbacks of this fanny pack is that it has a limited hydration capacity of only 1 liter.

As a result, you may have to carry extra water to refill the small hydration bladder regularly.

You may also have a difficult time finding a hydration bladder small enough to fit. The Monster’s belt presents another setback.

The belt is too big and may not fit properly if you are your waist is smaller than 32 inches. In that case, the belt may not be useful unless you want to carry the load on your hips.

If your waist is larger than 32 inches, however, the belt fits well and is very handy. Despite its weaknesses, the Monster can make a good fanny for whole-day hunting expeditions with superb build quality and heavy-duty straps.

Its KXO-32 polyester is also one of the quietest fabrics you can find.

The Pros of Monster Badlands

  • High-quality construction
  • Heavy-duty straps
  • Lighter in weight
  • Thick, rigid padding around the waist belt


  • Limited padding on shoulder straps
  • Only one strap connecting the main pack area and shoulder straps
  • Side pockets on the small side
  • Limitedhydration capacity
  • No accessory clips on straps

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The final call: Tenzing TZ 1250 vs. Badlands Monster

Both the Tenzing TZ 1250 and Badlands Monster are great fanny packs. They have several benefits, but also their own unique disadvantages.

In choosing between the Tenzing TZ 1250 and Badlands Monster, however, we would opt for the TZ 1250.

While the TZ 1250 is a little pricier, it can accommodate a remarkably large supply of gear in a compact lumbar pack.

With a total storage space of 1,250 cubic inches and 13 total compartments, this fanny pack can carry all your essentials while maintaining maximum upper-body mobility. It is also more comfortable on your back.

However, if you don’t mind compromising comfort and prefer more heavy-duty shoulder straps and thick rigid padding around the waist belt, the Badlands Monster can work just fine.

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