Brooks Ravenna 7 Vs 8

brooks ravenna 7 vs 8

Brooks is best known for making innovative shoes with unmatched technology.

The Ravenna line is designed for half-marathon and marathon runners, helping cushion the feet and increase speed.

While the Ravenna isn’t as lightweight as some options on the market, it makes up for this with the responsive foam soles and breathable uppers.

We’ve put together a review of the Ravenna 7 and Ravenna 8 to help you decide which shoe is best for you.

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Adidas Stan Smith Vs Superstar

adidas stan smith vs superstar

Adidas has been making comfortable shoes for decades. Two of the most popular have been around since about 1970.

The Adidas Stan Smith was originally marketed as a tennis sneaker, while the Superstar was marketed for basketball players.

But both shoes have a surprising amount of similarities.

What’s the best pick for you? We’ve put together a list of the similarities and differences between each shoe.

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Adidas Samba Classic Vs Original

adidas samba original vs classic

The Adidas Samba is one of the most long-lived shoes on the market. The original design was introduced in 1950, almost seventy years ago.

Even though there have been very few changes to the original design, the shoe is still a popular choice for casual and athletic use, showcasing the enduring quality of the line.

There are multiple iterations of the Adidas Samba on the market. Each is geared toward a slightly different user. Some versions are better for athletes, while others are best for casual users.

The Original Samba is the first design, the one that was introduced so many years ago. The Classic is a sportier take on the shoe, with a retro design that will appeal to trendy fashion lovers.

No matter which you pick, both shoes are some of the most affordable options on the market. They’re a great choice if you’re shopping on a budget.

With that said, they don’t have the same features that come with many high-end athletic shoes.

The shoes don’t have an air cushion, so their heel-to-toe transition may not be as smooth as with some other choices.

Only some of the designs have midsole padding, but the padding tends to be moderate instead of dense.

If you’re a fan of the support that comes from high-density foam layering, these probably won’t be the best shoes for you.

However, they’re a comfortable and durable option. Many shoes on the market wear down after just a few months.

But the Samba is made from durable enough material to last for several years.

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Nike Roshe Two Vs One

nike roshe one vs two

The Nike Roshe One and Roshe Two are both designed to be minimalist, responsive shoes that are good for runners.

They both have a variety of pros and cons. For athletes trying to pick the best shoe, the question remains:

What are the differences between the Roshe One and Roshe Two?

Does the Roshe Two improve enough on the original design to be worth purchasing?

We’ve put together a comprehensive review with the answer.

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