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    Merrell Moab Gore Tex Vs Waterproof Shoes Review

    Apart from protecting your feet from strain and injuries, a good hiking boot is comfortable, durable and resistant to external elements.

    Without a doubt, these are all qualities that can be pinned to Merrel’s Moab line of hiking boots and shoes.

    Two of the most popular products in the aforementioned line are the Moab Gore-Tex hiking boot and the Moab Waterproof hiking shoe.

    In order to help you figure out which one is the best for your personal needs, this guide will compare both products.

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    5 Best Hiking Pants For Men

    If you’re an avid hiker, hiking pants are a must. Why can’t you just stick with jeans or shorts? Why get specialized hiking pants?

    Well, for one thing, jeans and shorts aren’t made for hiking through the outdoors. Jeans are inflexible and uncomfortable.

    We’ve all experienced a miserable sweaty-jeans hike. It’s not fun! Shorts may be more breathable, but they don’t protect your legs. Thorns, bugs, and rocks can make your excursion painful if your legs are left unprotected in shorts.

    Fortunately there’s a third clothing option for hikers! Hiking pants are both protective and breathable, so you can be both safe and comfortable as you explore the great outdoors.

    Before you go grab the first pair of hiking pants you find on the rack, stop and consider a few things. What sort of hiking do you plan to do?

    How much do you carry when you hike? What do you find most comfortable? In this article, we’ll consider these factors and more in the search of perfect hiking pants! Read on to find the best pair of hiking pants for you.

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    5 Best Portable and Safe Propane tent Heaters for Camping

    Winter is upon us, and with the cold weather comes the end of camping season for many a traveler. However, cold weather doesn’t have to keep you indoors!

    Don’t stay inside and succumb to cabin fever. Head back outside with your tent and your camping gear to join the wild creatures once again in the great outdoors.

    Unlike wildcats and moose, we human beings are not created to endure the cold temperatures of night in the wild. Fortunately for us, we’re smarter than wildcats and moose.

    We’ve found ways to cope with our temperature sensitivities! The ancients may have been impressed with fire, but in this technological age, we have something far better: tent heaters.

    Tent heaters are a must if you’re camping when it’s cold outside. Even with high-tech sleeping bags, you can’t enjoy a comfortable trip if you’re too cold to move around the tent!

    Lately, many safe and portable tent heaters have come on the market. Curious to see your options? You’re in luck, because we’ve picked five of the best tent heaters to show off. Keep reading to learn more!

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    Best Heavy Duty Tent Stakes for All-Terrain (Hard/Sand/Frozen/Rocky Grounds)

    I love camping, but I’ve had my fair share of miserable camp experiences, especially when it comes to tent problems. When I was a kid, my camp-loving family actually swore off tent camping and bought a trailer after the worst tent experience ever.

    Of course, trailer camping isn’t quite the same as tent camping, you certainly can’t pack a trailer out into the wilderness. Want to enjoy great camping trips without tent failures? Then you need to invest in some good tent pegs.

    Everyone knows the tent pegs that come with most tents are crap. You can’t pound them into hard dirt or expect them to stick in soft earth.

    I once watched with great amusement as a friend’s tent blew across the beach after its tent pegs totally failed in the sand. If you don’t want to be the dude chasing a tent – or pounding dangerous rebar in the ground—then it’s time to get some real tent pegs.

    If you want something you can rely on, then it’s a good idea to invest in quality tent pegs. As a rule, these tend to be affordable, and they can be worth their weight in gold when you get a good night of sleep out in the wilderness.

    Wondering where to get good tent pegs for your next camping trip? You’re in the right place! We’ll look at the various types of tent stakes and give you a recommendation for each.

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    Best Most Comfortable Backpacking Hammocks

    Three years ago, I bought my husband a small backpacking hammock for Christmas. That thing stayed unopened in a box through two years, three moves, and several international border crossings.

    Finally, last summer, we brought it out to see the light of day. And we made a marvelous discovery:

    Backpacking hammocks are awesome!

    I don’t think we’d go camping again without one. It wasn’t long before we bought a second one for me to use. I prefer sleeping in a hammock to sleeping in a tent, and lounging in one while reading a book is the most relaxing pastime I’ve found so far. If you’re not backpacking with a hammock, you’re missing out!

    Ok, now that I’ve sold you on hammock backpacking, let’s talk about the different backpack hammocks you can buy. Just take a trip through any sporting goods store, and you’ll see endless options. What should you pick? And does it really matter?

    As it turns out, the hammock you buy does matter. A lot. If you want ultimate comfort, ease of use, and durability, you need to get the right hammock.

    Ready to find your perfect hammock? Good news! We’ve sifted through the listings to bring you the top five backpacking hammocks on the market.

    Choose one of these, and you can’t go wrong! Here are the five best backpacking hammocks that money can buy!

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    5 Best Backpacking Pillows

    As any experienced backpacking traveler knows, a good pillow can make a huge difference when it comes to getting a good rest.

    However, it’s not practical to pack a regular pillow. Portable and lightweight, backpacking pillows are the perfect solution to this problem.

    With this in mind, we will go over the five best backpacking pillows on the market.

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    Best MREs for Backpacking

    Toting around a bunch of cookware and a cooking stove when you’re going hiking is not something you want to do. Backpacking equals lightweight and easy-to carry.

    If you’re going to be camping in one location for a while and don’t have to hike very far to get to your location, on the other hand, it makes sense to bring in all of the extra equipment necessary to cook some great hot meals.

    But when you’re on the move and walking for long distances over a period of several days, MREs, or Meals Ready to Eat, are the way to go.

    You have a number of options to get ready for your next backpacking trip, so we’re going to lay out what a few of them are and explore their pros and cons.

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    Best Glue for Boot Sole Repair

    After dropping a lot of money on a pair of boots, you expect them to last a while. Even when you’ve had them for several years and walked dozens of miles in them, you want them to last just a bit longer.

    Shoe repair glue can be just what you need to give your boots a bit longer of a life. This type of glue provides adhesion and flexibility to effectively repair your boots so you can wear them longer.

    Choosing which one you want can be a bit daunting since there are so many types on the market.

    You can save yourself some money by not going to the cobbler and paying to have your shoes repaired. You’ll also save time by not having to bring your boots there or to pick them up. The best part is not having to buy new boots since you can fix them yourself.

    Here, we go through some of the different glues available to you so you can make the right choice to repair your boots.

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    Best Dog Repellent Deterrent for Runners

    A nice run doesn’t need to be interrupted by a dog who thinks you’re something to chase and chew on. All jokes aside, it’s important that you keep yourself safe while you run from dogs who can potentially harm you.

    Even if you’re not a runner, but you’re out on your bike or walking a lot, dogs can make a nice outing difficult.

    Purchasing some sort of dog deterrent or dog repellent is a good idea for meter readers, mail delivery workers, or others who regularly work outside where dogs are likely to be.

    You have a few options when you consider a deterrent or repellent: a spray or a noise maker that causes dogs to leave you alone.

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