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Asolo Fugitive GTX Vs Salomon Quest 4D GTX

Hiking or work boots have to be right for your particular situation, for example, for the type of hiking you do or your job. The last thing you want to have to deal with is hurting feet because your boots don’t fit right.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the Asolo Fugitive GTX and the Salomon Quest 4d GTX to help you determine which will give you the best fit and comfort.

Quick Comparison: Asolo vs Salomon

#1. Asolo Fugitive GTX
Our Best Pick

Check Price
690 gBetter for hiking on easy to medium terrain.Narrow fit, hard soles
#2. Salomon Quest 4d GTX

Check Price
640 gNot as good on hikes, maybe best for some as a work boot.Not as comfortable for wider feet with narrower toe area, results in too-warm feet.

Salomon Quest 4D GTX Video Review

Asolo Fugitive GTX  Video Review

Uppers, Midsoles, and Outsoles

The Asolo Fugitive GTX incorporates leather into its design and features a lug-sole sole. They are great for easy to medium terrain hikes and backpacking with fewer than 30 pounds. The fabric and leather provide a comfortable fit, and they are durable.

The uppers are made of water-resistant suede and Cordura, making it more comfortable to wear. The GORE-TEX bootie and fabric panels make the waterproof breathable system more effective.

The Asolo Duo Asoflex anti-torsion shank protects the bottom of your feet from sharp objects on the trail, and the polyurethane midsole helps to keep your feet comfortable on longer hikes.

The bottom of the shank is rigid and provides the boot’s structure and protection underfoot.

The top layer has soft but supportive materials to absorb shock all day. The outsole is exclusive to Asolo. It’s called Synchro Rubber and has bi-density rubber and the Asobrake heel design to help keep you safe on steep descents. The outsole balance features self-cleaning lugs creates for great performance on different terrain types.

The Salomon Quest 4d GTX has a nubuck upper. The upper is durable, but it may not be the most comfortable to wear because it’s not as flexible as the suede and Cordura of the Asolo Fugitive GTX.

It also contains leather and textile, and the shaft is about 6 inches from the arch, and it features a rubber toe cap that protects that part of the foot, as well as a Salomon 4D Chassis to for protection and stability with its two different midsole components.

GORE-TEX on the Quest 4d GTX offers waterproof protection to keep your feet dry from snow and rain. Additionally, the shoe features a molded EVA Ortholite removable footbed and a new Salomon Contragrip Outsole.

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Weight and Lacing

The Asolo Fugitive GTX boots weight about 690g. You can lace these quickly with a speed lacing system at the ankle. The Salomon Quest 4d GTX weighs about 640 g. Some have reported that the laces have to be double knotted since they always come untied


The Asolo Fugitive GTX boots have been reported to have soles that are a little hard, but padded inserts can help. Others have complained of the boot’s narrowness, although there is a wide version available so you can more easily wear thick socks for cold weather.

Also, the hardness of the outsole means that it could be somewhat slippery on some surfaces like wet logs or rock, but this also means the outsole is more durable than a softer one.

In general, the Asolo Fugitive GTX is considered to be comfortable for long days on the trail. It’s been constructed to fit around the foot with no pressure on the foot in any one spot. It’s recommended for hiking and summer-winter walking.

The fit for the Salomon Quest 4d GTX may not be very comfortable for those with feet a bit on the wide side. That’s because the toe area is less wide than the Fugitive GTX.

If you’re just in need of a boot that you can wear on a daily basis, this boot is probably a better choice than if you need something to wear when you’re hiking with a heavy backpack.

Some wearers have said that the insoles that come with the boot don’t last very long, and their feet start hurting after hiking in them for several hours, even though they are nice to wear at first.

Some have said they make their feet hot, even though the insole the boot comes with is perforated to encourage air flow.

A perhaps unexpected upside of this boot is its versatility as a service person’s work boot. They are quick to take off and on inside clients’ homes, and they offer protection from water when working outside, although it doesn’t offer insulation.

It’s a light boot that provides great grip, say, for walking across someone’s roof.

With a work boot insole, the boot can be the perfect fit and provide the right comfort level. It’s important to remember that work boots are built to be looser than hiking boots, so make sure to try on a pair before you buy any for working.


Depending on the seller, you will find significantly different prices for each of these boots. Your best bet is to find each online and find a seller who offers a price within your budget for the boot you want.

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Final Verdict – Asolo Fugitive GTX Vs Salomon Quest 4D GTX

If you are looking for a boot that is great for hiking on maintained trails, go with the Asolo Fugitive GTX.

The Salomon Quest 4d GTX may be a great alternative option for a work boot for those in the service industries where they are exposed to the elements and need good outsole grip.

Both offer GORE-TEX linings. The Asolo Fugitive GTX is generally considered the more comfortable boot, although it tends to run narrow. Wide options are available, however.

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