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Altra Lone Peak Vs Timp

Altra is a popular manufacturer of athletic shoes for running and hiking of all kinds. There are a few different shoes designed for trail runners. It can be difficult to know which is the best, especially if you haven’t shopped for trail running shoes before. The Timp and the Lone Peak are both popular choices for avid hikers and runners, but how do you know which you’ll like best?

FeatureWeightStack HeightBreathable
#1. Timp
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21 ounces29 millimitersYes
#2. Lone Peak

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23.9 ounces25 millimetersYes

#1. Timp

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The Altra Timp is one of several zero-drop shoes that Altra has designed for trail runners. Since there’s no heel drop, many runners find that the shoe has a more natural feeling grip. There’s a moderate amount of cushioning in the shoe. While it doesn’t have the same thick padding as the Olympus, it does have more cushioning than the Lone Peak.

The Timp is suitable for a number of different athletic activities. You can use it for running on trails, hiking, and light backpacking. There’s a roomy toe box and an outsole that’s aggressive enough to keep your heel from turning. Since the cushioning is thicker than with the average trail running shoe, these are the shoes you want if you want to be able to hike for an entire day without getting tired.

A pair of Timp shoes weighs 21 ounces in total. That’s not the lightest weight on the market, especially for running shoes, but it’s not bad. A lot of the weight comes from the cushioning. There’s also a stack height of 29 millimeters, which is thick enough to protect your feet from loose debris and sharp rocks.

Altra creates shoes that tend to be good for individuals with wide feet. The toe box in the Timp is roomy enough for you to spread your toes, but the fit becomes more snug around the heel and mid foot. If you have a narrow foot, you might find that the shoe slips around too much and doesn’t provide enough security. Wide footed individuals should have no issue, though.

The Timp midsole is designed to be responsive and bouncy. Rather than absorbing your energy like a sinkhole, the cushioning rebounds it to push you into the next stride. This helps to conserve your energy. The Timp isn’t quite as flexible as some of Altra’s more barefoot-feeling offerings, but it also isn’t stiff.

One note is that there’s too much padding to feel much of the ground. If you want protection on your foot, this is a good thing. However, if you’re dealing with technical terrain that you need to feel, the thick sole might be a disadvantage. When you’re planning to traverse more technical terrain, a shoe with a lower stack height is a better bet.

The sole of the shoe is designed to provide aggressive traction on multiple different trail surfaces. In addition to gripping smooth rock, it also finds purchase on loose dirt and rocks. Some people might struggle to get traction in mud because of the shallow lugs.

The upper helps to protect the foot but is still comfortable and flexible. There’s a toe cap that keeps you from kicking rocks accidentally.

This is one of the most durable shoes on the market. It’s very difficult to damage the upper despite its responsiveness and flexibility. Even after hundreds of miles of running, the midsole only gets a little less cushioned. And the outsole is made from sturdy rubber.

#2. Lone Peak

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The Lone Peak is a trail running shoe that offers moderate cushioning. It doesn’t have the same level of cushioning and springiness as the Timp, but it does have significantly more padding than models like the Superior. If you need a shoe that has adequate underfoot protection but still allows you some sense of the terrain below your feet, the Lone Peak is a good place to start.

The midsole of the Lone Peak uses foam to offer support. Another layer is a StoneGuard shield, which is designed to protect your feet against sharp rocks. This causes rough terrain to feel more like a smooth trail than like a difficult-to-navigate path. Unlike more cushioned shoes, though, you’ll still feel the shock from every stride hitting the ground.

The shoes tend to be more stable than most others at this price point. They’re also more sensitive and responsive than shoes with more cushioning. If you prefer to have more active mental input about your surroundings, that’s what you get in exchange for the comfort. Your foot is slightly closer to the ground than with the Timp, and the foam responds to your stride.

The forefoot is long and wide, with a roomy toe box that’s good for individuals with wide feet. Meanwhile, the upper of the shoe is constructed from lightweight but durable ripstop nylon. It might not last as long as the Timp upper, but it’s still very strong.

Final Thoughts – Altra Lone Peak Vs Timp

The Altra Timp is a great choice if you’re a runner who likes to traverse well-maintained and moderate trails. It’s also good for hikes in the normal season. When you’ve been hiking all day, the cushioning can be very helpful for your feet, and the shoes are durable enough to last for hundreds of miles.

The Lone Peak, on the other hand, may be better for those who would rather feel the ground than have cushioning. There are even thinner shoes that might suit you in this case, but the Lone Peak has significantly less cushioning than the Timp. This allows you to get a better sense of the terrain under your feet.

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