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If you are a fan of running shoes, two of the biggest names in the market are Adidas and Nike. These manufacturers have created specialty shoes for a variety of sports, including running.

Two of their more popular designs are the Adidas Ultra Boost 2019 and the Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 and comparing them may give you an idea of which product line will fit you and your running needs.

Comparing The Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 Against The Adidas Ultra Boost 19

Product NameWeight (Size 10)Price
#1. Nike Epic React Flyknit 2
Our Best Pick

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8.74 oz.$$
#2. Adidas Ultra Boost 19

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11.0 oz.$$$

If you run on pavement or well-packed surfaces then either shoe reviewed here could work well for you. Both products come in multiple sizes for men and women, but Nike has a bit larger range. These running shoes can also be purchased in a variety of colors.

Upper Shoe

Today’s trend of mesh uppers is represented by both models, even the Adidas with its throwback design elements. They use Primeknit 360, while Nike uses a similar Flyknit material. These offer both products a similar venting ability and flexibility.

The Adidas upper is more flexible and it provides a bit more breathing than the upper found on the Nike running shoe. As a matter of fact, the mesh is denser on parts of the Nike Epic shoe while the density is consistent across the Adidas product.

Sole design

The Adidas Ultra Boost 2019 has cushions along the side of the sole, giving it a wider appearance. That will add to the stability of the shoe as you land while feeling smooth as you step. A torsion spring is placed in the midsole of the running shoe that adds support during landing as well as propulsion at the toe area.

Inner Design

The synthetic lining used by Adidas provides the flexibility that transfers to the outer portion of the shoe and keeps your foot comfortable with a wide range of movement. There is a midsole drop of about 10 mm built into the shoe design. Dual-density cushioning is also added under the arch area.

Nike makes use of an inner sleeve that is fairly easy to slip into. A contoured collar sits low, right below the ankle, to provide a comfortable fit as the shoe is worn. This is added to the mesh upper to provide a lightweight shoe that is easy to move.

Throw Back Design

Adidas design team went back to a look that echoes the 1980s. That includes the three stripe side cage and the shoe’s heel frame.

Nike returns to bright colors that were popular during the 1990s. It is as if they are paying homage to hand-held games of the time.

#1. Nike Epic React Flyknit 2

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Nike has kept the upper portion of this shoe design while redoing the bottom mold. This focused the updates into a firm sole with extra support.

  • This shoe is much lighter than the Adidas model in this review
  • The heel mold was completely redone on this model to provide better support
  • You will find this product at a cheaper price point than the Adidas shoe, partially due to the later’s import costs
  • This offering from Nike has fewer changes from previous versions compared to the Adidas entry
  • There is minimal support on the upper portion of this running shoe

#2. Adidas Ultra Boost 2019

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Adidas’ research department made significant changes to its 2019 model. That includes giving it a classic look and feel.

  • This particular design has a throwback feel to products from the 1980s
  • It has a midsole that supports as your foot lands as well as through the entire stride
  • This product uses material on the outer sole that provides a stable platform for your foot
  • It does not come in as small of a size as Nike products, probably due to the fact it is imported
  • This model from Adidas will cost you more than the offering from Nike reviewed here

Selecting The Better Shoe

If you are a runner, you can’t go wrong by selecting Nike’s Epic React Flyknit 2. The ounces you loose between the two is worth it from the start. That will allow you to run freely with less fatigue.

A redesigned heel was molded, taking into account runner feedback to improve on previous versions of the shoe. The fit this produces will keep your foot secure and stable as you run.

Extra rubber on the forefoot and heel add to the durability of the Nike running shoe. It does have an inner sleeve that is easy to get your foot into that also adds to the comfort of the shoe as it is worn. The mesh on the upper shoe provides plenty of air without eliminating a secure fit.

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