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Adidas Tiro 19


Adidas Tiro 21

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Introduction – Adidas Tiro 19 Vs 21

Adidas is known for their high-quality athletic gear that has been seen on the bodies of world renowned athletes, celebrities, and fashion runways across the globe.

Their iconic three striped design is instantly recognizable and represents quality as well as comfort. This is no exception in their immensely popular Tiro lineup of track pants and jackets. 

The Tiro lineup of tracksuits are a regular release for Adidas, with previous iterations such as the Tiro 15, Tiro 17, and Tiro 19 being more successful than their predecessors.

So with this year’s launch of the newest Tiro 21 line, it’s time to take a look at what these new suits bring to the table and how they stack up to their younger sibling, the Tiro 19 line.

Adidas Tiro 19

Tiro 19

The Tiro 19 Line was an interesting improvement over the Tiro 17 that preceded it. It perfected the Climacool technology, tweaked the appearance a bit, and threw on some additional bells and whistles. Let’s take a look at the pants first. 

  • Tiro 19 Pants.

     The Tiro 19 pants are slim fitting track pant with a slightly loose ankle fit. The ankle fit features a small ankle zipper to aid with fitting over boots or cooling off the leg. They also feature the classic three stripe logo from waist to the bottom hem of the pants. This is a slight difference from other Tiro models which feature half length stripes. 

The Climacool fabric helps to wick away sweat and allow airflow into the pants while running, exercising, or simply wearing them around town. The fabric remains tough while also allowing for plenty of movement and flexibility. There’s no rigidity here!

One drawback that the Tiro 19 pants had was the lack of mesh lining in the waistband of the lower back. This made the pants feel a bit hotter in this region than previous versions of the Tiro pants. However, overall, these pants were a nice throwback to the classic Adidas look with an improved functionality and fabric. 

  • Tiro 19 Jacket

The Tiro 19 track jacket is a techwear lover’s dream. It features the same sweat wicking fabric as the pants, but with some added comfort bonuses to keep the jacket fitting well without overheating you. It showcased a tapered fit around the waste due to the V-shaped seams on the back, alongside fitted bicep inserts on the back of each sleeve. 

The slim fit of the Tiro 19 jacket wasn’t for everyone, but it was an immensely popular jacket. It brought a more compact look to the lineup and added some additional flair when paired with the more classic looking pants.

Tiro 21

The Tiro 21 lineup is the newest entry to the Tiro series. The most notable change is the fact that Adidas has ditched the Climacool fabric, and replaced it with a more modern Aeroready fabric. This is a fabric made entirely out of recycled eco-friendly materials. So, how does it look and feel?

  • Tiro 21 Pants. 

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Tiro 21 pants immediately look different than the Tiro 19. They feature a new striped design which only reaches halfway down the pants but begins with a faded aesthetic at the top. This two-tone striping is unlike anything we have ever seen in the Tiro lineup before. 

One other thing to note is that the zipper on the Tiro 21 pants goes much higher than the Tiro 19. Where the 19’s go to just above the ankle, the 21’s unzip to just below the knee. This allows for much better flexibility with cooling and fit for those who want it. 

The Tiro 21 pants also have a much more slim cut. They are highly tapered and don’t fit as ‘straight’ as the 19’s. This is a preference thing, and will help you determine which you should buy as both fits are very different. Overall the Tiro 21’s have a much more tapered and modern look when compared to the 19’s. They mainly feature a tighter fit with an improved ankle zipper. 


  • Tiro 21 Jacket. 

The jacket is immediately different from the Tiro 19 jacket–much like the pants. The Tiro 21 jacket features the same dual-tone three stripe pattern down the sleeves as the pants and thus makes them match beautifully. The pattern also only goes to just below the elbow, exactly like the shortened length of the pants. You’ll also notice how the stripe motif stops at the neck with the Tiro 19, but continues upwards with the 21.

The Tiro 21 jacket features an added elastic insert up the sides of the jacket for improved cooling at the sides and a more controlled fit. They have done away with the tapered V-shaped seam from the Tiro 19. 

The Tiro 21 jacket is slimmer with a much more futuristic look to match the Tiro 21 pants. The fit is tight but comes with some hefty stretch to accommodate any body shape and size. It’s a cool new look for Adidas, and the eco-friendly fabric makes it a much easier sell!

Final Thoughts – Adidas Tiro 19 Vs 21

This is not a head-to-head between these two models of Adidas track suit. Mostly because they are both excellent options for anyone who buys them! They both offer a completely different look and feel. The Tiro 19 Climacool fabric also has a very different appeal than the eco-friendly Tiro 21 Aeroready fabric. 

In short, the choice is up to you. But, we believe that the Tiro 21’s will be even more popular than their 19 counterparts. Largely due to the emphasis on green technology, sustainability, and a sleek and modern new design.

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