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The Adidas Tiro line is a high comfort, high mobility line of active pants and jackets that has been seen in use by athletes both amateur and professional for years. Much like with many clothing lines, Adidas will periodically release updated versions of their Tiro line. These updates are usually the result of consumer feedback, and help to make the design just a bit more streamlined. 

The current line of Tiro tracksuits are the Tiro 19’s, which recently replaced the Adidas 17’s on the Adidas lineup. To many, the surface level appearance might not seem all that different, and may not seem to warrant the ‘upgrade’. However, with each version of the Tiro tracksuit, Adidas does make a few small tweaks or additions that keep the line fresh and popular. Here we take a look at the Adidas Tiro 17 vs 19 to see what has changed.

Men’s Tiro 17 Jacket


Women’s Tiro 17 Jacket


Men’s Tiro 17 Pants


Women’s Tiro 17 Pants


Tiro 17

The Tiro 17 version of the  lineup comes with Adidas Climacool Technology. Climacool is an ultra high-tech synthetic fabric that helps to wick away sweat and keep the wearer cool during heavy activity. This is the Adidas answer to the Nike Dri Fit, or the UnderArmor lineups. The Climacool technology was received fairly well by consumers, and gave sports and activity enthusiasts a chance to get in on the cooling and sweat resistant tech that competing brands had already implemented.

In addition to implementing the Climacool tech, the Tiro 17’s also brought in far more variety in color and pattern combination than the previous Tiro 15’s. With a whopping 28 different color combinations, the Tiro 17’s really stepped up their game when it comes to optionality for their consumers.
The Tiro lineup is known for its 100% polyester woven fabric construction, which uses the proprietary tech of the Climacool. However, the Tiro 17’s pants added in an additional woven mech insert below the waist that allows for extra breathability and comfort during really high intensity activities. This mesh insert sits just below the elastic waistline and slightly above the rear area, and provides extra ventilation for the lower back area which often gets very sweaty during workouts.

One common complaint about the Tiro 17’s for many consumers is the fact that they tend to run large. Those who normally wear a medium size active pant, might find that the small size in the Tiro 17 pants fits them better. This of course can lead to them feeling rather baggy or loose. However, this of course is preferred by some consumers.

The iconic triple stripe down the side of Adidas activewear only comes in one styling with the Tiro 17’s, which is in the half stripe form. This means that with the Tiro 17’s the triple striping down the sides of the legs ends at the knee, instead of continuing down to the ankle. The leg fitting is still slim, and comes equipped with the easy access loosening zipper along the ankle that allows for the pants to slip on with ease. This is in addition to the ankle ribbing that gives them their unique tapered appearance.

Overall, the Tiro 17’s were a great addition to the Tiro lineup, and can still be bought at a considerable value. The Tiro 17’s come with plenty of variety and perform very well as far as active pants and jackets are concerned. They are still a great choice for anyone who wants a free-flowing, comfortable activewear tracksuit.


Tiro 19 Men’s Jacket


Tiro 19 Women’s Jacket


Tiro 19 Men’s Pants


Tiro 19 Women’s Pants


Tiro 19

The Tiro 19’s are the newest version of the Tiro lineup, and come with a few tweaks and changes over the previous Tiro 17’s. Many of these tweaks and changes are minor, but some of them do improve the overall functionality of the pants and jackets themselves.

The Tiro 19’s come equipped with the iconic -and now standard- Climacool technology. This means that you will continue to get that same sweat wicking woven polyester fabric that keeps you cool and going throughout your sport or workout activity.

In addition, the Tiro 19’s come with the ankle zippers that allow for easy slip on/slip off and can make the tapered ankle appearance a bit more loose. This helps with keeping the ankle fit tight to prevent tripping during footwork workouts; but when unzipped allows the pants to appear more casual, and comfortable overall.

The Tiro 19’s are cut a bit more slim than their predecessors in the Tiro 19’s. This means that their overall fit will be a bit more true to size, and will allow for easier online buying without fear. This also gives the Tiro 19’s a more sleek and stylishly modern fitting, as opposed to the slightly baggy look of the Tiro 17’s. This is a stylistic choice, but many find the Tiro 19’s more appealing.

The Tiro 19’s returned to form with their iconic side striping, and feature the pattern going down the length of the pant–from waist to foot. This is in response to some consumers who felt like the half length striping of the Tiro 17’s wasn’t as pleasing, or traditional as the full length striping. In this way, the Tiro 19’s feel a bit more ‘traditional’ when comparing them to classic Adidas products. Although some argue that the striping on the Tiro 17’s made them look more slim and modern.

One major change with the Tiro 19’s is the lack of the lower back mesh lining insert. The insert itself has been removed entirely, this means that the added cooling from the mesh below the waistline is no longer there. This can be a drawback for those who have come to love this feature in their Tiro 17’s. To replace it, there are now dual mesh insert linings added along the backside of the thigh striping. This allows ventilation to come in from the sides, and achieves a slightly different result. The Tiro 19’s also feature an added knee insert that allows for vastly improved flexibility and movement in the legs. This means that in sport or activities that require more movement, the Tiro 19’s perform far better than the Tiro 17’s in mobility.

As far as color options, the Tiro 19’s are very similar to the Tiro 17’s. Adidas didn’t drastically expand the color options this time around like they did with the Tiro 15 – 17 upgrade. In this case, you will still get plenty of color choices to go through, but the choice isn’t anything more than you would have had with the Tiro 17’s.

Tiro 19 differences

  • Improved fitting, which makes it easier to accurately determine the sizing you need.
  • Knee insert brings far superior mobility and flexibility for sports or running exercises.
  • More traditional appearance, harkening back to the original Adidas track pants.
  • The lower back mesh lining has been removed and replaced with side mesh panels.




Adidas Tiro 17 vs 19 – The Verdict

With all of this taken into consideration, you might be wondering what you should do in regards to buying your new Adidas pants. Should you go with the older Tiro 17’s, or with the more modern and current Tiro 19’s?

In our opinion Adidas have made some meaningful improvements with the Tiro 19 lineup and they definitely come out on top in the Adidas Tiro 17 vs 19 comparison. The improved fit, mobility and styling changes from the Tiro 19’s not only give increased performance but a fresher style to the lineup.

Despite the loss of the lower back mesh lining, the Tiro 19’s are better in a lot of ways for those who live a highly active and mobile lifestyle. In essence, you gain more than you lose with that slight change. Overall, the differences in the Tiro 17’s to Tiro 19’s are small, but just enough to give the Tiro 19’s the edge. 


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