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Adidas Superstar Vs Nike Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 and Adidas Superstar are two classic basketball shoes that remain popular today.

Both have their own aesthetic appeal and unique history.

It can be difficult to decide which is the best choice for your own wardrobe.

We’ve put together a comparison of the shoes based on their construction, performance, and appearance.

Comparison Table: Adidas Superstar Vs Nike Air Force One

Product NameUpper Sole Perforated
#1. Superstar
Our Best Pick

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Full grain leather Non-foam None
#2. Air Force 1

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Leather, synthetic, textile Foam Perforated

#1. Adidas Superstar

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The Adidas Superstar is an iconic, classic shoe that boasts a classic design. The upper is made with full grain leather, while the toe is constructed with rubber shell.

There’s a synthetic leather lining that cradles your foot for ultimate comfort.

The rubber cupsole is made with a herringbone pattern. Though the line is available in a variety of colors, the most recognizable design is black and white.

#2. Nike Air Force 1

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The Air Force 1 is a more varied design than the Superstar. The upper is constructed out of textile, synthetic material, or leather depending on the color.

There are perforations to increase breathability, keeping your foot dry throughout the day.

The shoe has a foam sole that includes air cushioning, helping to absorb the shock of high impacts. This makes them an ideal choice for runners.

The non-marking rubber outsole allows a greater level of durability and traction.

The collar is padded to ensure you get the most snug and comfortable fit possible.

The History

The Superstar has been on the market for over 40 years. The original design was released in 1969, marketed toward basketball players looking for trainers.

The rubber toe helps protect the shoes from wear-and-tear during sports, making them a durable option.

Although they were released for basketball players, the shoes became most popular with hip hop groups and break dancers.

The Air Force 1 was also designed for basketball players. Another classic design, this shoe has been on the market for more than 30 years.

There have been several thousand versions, with the most easily recognized being the white-on-white. When the Air Force 1 was first designed, the shoe was so low in popularity that Nike discontinued it.

But four years later, a sudden uptick in popularity made the shoes so well-known that they’re still in production today.

How to Choose the Best Shoe

For many people, wearing one of these models is a matter of aesthetic appeal. Both shoes are attractive and have versatile styling that complements a variety of outfits.

The best-known Superstar has black triple stripes with golden accents. But for people with other tastes, there are a number of other versions available. There are Superstar lines for both men and women.

The best-known version of the Nike Air Force 1 has a military boot styling and a Velcro closure surrounding the ankles.

But there are other versions available, including ones that are as low around the ankle as the Superstar.


Aesthetically speaking, the Superstar tends to be more versatile. The minimalist look is more basic than you’ll find with the Air Force 1.

There’s a wider variety of clothing that will match it. In addition, the Superstar may be easiest to wear casually. You can take the shoes from the gym to outings with friends, and even wear them to work.

Fashion-forward trendsetters often pair the Superstar with skinny jeans or regular jeans. Women often wear them with yoga pants, shorts, leggings, and other gym-friendly outfits.

The Air Force 1 goes well with shorts and athletic wear. However, the high-ankle design tends to look a little strange with skinny jeans.


Comfort is another big factor that goes into purchasing shoes. An ideal pair of shoes should last for at least a year. If you’re going to be living with them for that long, you want to be sure they’ll be comfortable.

Both of these shoes tend to fit comfortably. It’s important to double check your size before you make a purchase.

Some consumers have reported sizing issues with the Superstar, so it might be best to order a half size up.

Both shoes stay comfortable with repeated use. They tend to cradle your feet, making them a good choice if you do a lot of walking or standing throughout your day.

The toe box of the Superstar also increases the durability of the shoe when you play sports.

It’s true that both shoes are marketed toward sports players. They won’t slide around on your feet as you run or jump.

However, the Air Force 1 tends to be better for high-impact sports like running. If you’re an athlete who likes to run long distances, the air cushioning will protect your joints and legs from pain.

For the price points, both shoes provide a great deal of comfort. However, they don’t have the same comfort as some higher-end athletic shoes.

For example, they lack tri-density foam padding. They also may not be as flexible as some other athletic shoes.

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Final Thoughts – Adidas Superstar Vs Nike Air Force 1

There are benefits and drawbacks to each shoe. For basketball players, both will provide an ideal experience and comfortable fit.

The Air Force 1 has a few advantages that make it ideal for athletes who run and participate in other high-impact sports.

The foam sole and air cushioning combine to reduce the shock of impact. Since the shoe is perforated, it also provides better ventilation.

The Superstar has more iconic styling, so it might be the best choice for people who prioritize fashion. It also tends to be a little more inexpensive than the Air Force 1.

For athletes who prefer a “barefoot” feeling, the lack of foam cushioning is a bonus.

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