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Sole type/material
Upper MaterialLeatherSuede

Tongue colorSame as upperWhite
Inspired fromTrainingFootball
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Introduction – Adidas Samba Vs Gazelle

When deciding on what footwear to purchase, many people opt for sneakers. Not only are they comfortable but sneakers can provide maximum comfort, meaning no matter the type of activity, you can be confident your feet are protected. When deciding on what footwear to purchase, many of us opt for sneakers. Not only are they comfortable but sneakers can provide maximum comfort, meaning no matter the type of activity, you can be confident your feet are protected. 

Sneakers are comfortable to wear even after a long time because of their soft rubber soles that cushion and protect the feet. Most athletic sneakers have used mesh materials that allow the feet to breathe through the process of ventilation. These mesh materials have tiny holes that help reduce heat and the formation of wetness that often leads to foot odor and allergies. Sneakers are breathable, especially if you buy ones that are made of mesh. This material allows for air to circulate, thus allowing your feet to breathe. This is highly important, especially during the summer when the weather is hot. If your feet do not breathe, there is a chance that they will be soaked in sweat. Allowing your feet to stay in such a condition for a long period may cause feet odor and you may even develop some infection. Sneakers used for dancing activities have flexible materials that allow ease of movement and emphasis of footwork steps. Thick, cloth materials are also used because of their soft properties ideal for women who are looking for sneakers that are soft and comfortable to the feet.


Sneakers come in so many styles and that’s what makes them perfect for a variety of activities. Leather sneakers, on the other hand, can be worn with more formal attire in some cases, but it’s never a good idea to wear them with your gym outfit. The truth of the matter is, there really is a vast array of sneakers that you can choose from and combine with different outfits, so all you need to know is what you like best and what do you plan to wear them with. Wearing the appropriate athletic shoe for specific sports activities can improve comfort and performance, most importantly, prevent injuries as sports can place tremendous pressure on the feet, ankles, and legs which is why the Skyliners team is comparing Adidas Samba vs. Gazelle to help you make the best decision.

Adidas Samba Review

The original design featured a kangaroo leather upper and an innovative gum sole for a firm grip. Adidas Samba eventually gained popularity with other sports played on hard surfaces, including futsal and skateboarding, and became woven into popular culture as it crossed over from the sporting arena to a casual shoe. 

The Samba’s minimalist good looks helped it evolve into an everyday favorite. Its celebrated silhouette features a leather upper with a signature suede overlay to the toe box for extra durability. A foam midsole cushions every step you take and the classic gum rubber outsole gives you great grip on indoor surfaces. The serrated Three-Stripes stand out and the gold lettering adds a touch of class. While Adidas Samba is still a solid option for playing indoor soccer, its versatility speaks for itself as an essential modern sneaker.

The Samba goes with everything in your wardrobe, it is ideal for work, sport, and running around on the weekends. Wear it with a graphic t-shirt and a pair of shorts to walk the dog, or a polo shirt and jeans for a casual night out.

Key Features 

  • Full-grain leather upper with suede overlays offer support and protection
  • Embossed EVA midsole for superior comfort
  • Non-marking gum outsole for excellent grip on all indoor surfaces

With a sleek and functional design, the Adidas Gazelle is the perfect low-key choice for a casual look. Made with a suede nubuck upper, the Gazelle features its signature serrated Three-Stripes detail, T-toe overlay, heel patch, and simple rubber outsole. The iconic Gazelle trainers have been a permanent fixture in the Adidas collection of sport-meets-street-style shoes. 

The Adidas Gazelle made its debut as a training shoe for indoor football, handball, and other games in which speed and agility are the keys to success. They’ve long since ventured beyond the pitch and indoor arena to become fashionable footwear for kids, teens, and adults alike. The ultimate in simplicity, they impress with clean lines and a low-key profile enhanced by the iconic T-toe and a reinforced heel tab. The serrated Three-Stripes on each side and the Adidas logos on the tongue and heel are featured in contrasting colors to underline the brand identity. A wide range of uppers allows you to pick your favorite material, while the Gazelle print (mostly in gold) gives these trainers a discreet fashion appeal. Most models feature a white rubber outsole for all-terrain use, while some are equipped with a translucent gum rubber outsole that’s specifically for indoor wear.

Key Features

  • Nubuck upper
  • Synthetic overlays
  • Synthetic lining for comfort
  • Debossed Trefoil logo on tongue
  • Trefoil logo on the heel tab
  • Rubber outsole

THE DIFFERENCES: Adidas Samba Vs Gazelle

  • The Samba’s feature a gum-sole as standard, a retro material that gives serious heritage aesthetic to every trainer it is ever installed on, whereas the Gazelle and Campus simply feature a standard rubber sole. The gum-sole is easily discernible by its striking tan color, which often contrasts the rest of the shoe, and is softer than their regular rubber counterparts, providing better grip too.


  • Another difference is the tongue of the Gazelle, the color of which is usually white, contrasting the rest of the shoe. This is unlike the Campus and the Samba, where the tongue is usually the same color as the main upper. The tongue of the Gazelle on the ‘normal’ version is also elongated, rising above the shoe, and on all versions is made of a unique synthetic material, that features ribbing on either side – this material is known however to cause the tongue to slip to the side of your foot when you walk.

Conclusion – Adidas Samba Vs Gazelle

Adidas’ Samba OG was born and bred on the world’s finest pitches, and over time, it’s steadily transitioned into the realm of everyday street style. With a silhouette as good looking as this one, it’s no surprise that the shoe has become a staple of the sneaker industry; a full-grain leather upper, gold foil detailing, and rough, durable suede accents encompass the exterior of the Samba, giving it a leg up on the competition through sheer cleanliness. On the interior, a synthetic leather liner ensures comfortable wear throughout the life of the shoe, while a dependable gum rubber midsole, and cup sole, keep you firmly rooted as you take on any type of urban terrain which is why we at our team at Skyliners recommends Adidas Samba as a great choice for you.

Sky-Liners Choice - Adidas Samba Vs Gazelle


FAQ's - Adidas Samba Vs Gazelle

Is Adidas Samba comfortable?

The majority of shoppers have considered this shoe as affordable. The Adidas Samba shoes have received heaps of praises for their comfortable in-shoe feel. More than a handful has revealed that the shoe held up even after using it daily for several years.

How do Adidas Samba shoes fit?

Generally speaking, the Adidas Samba fits half size small. It has a narrow shape around for toe area so going 0.5 up from your normal size would be the best option. Most of them are engineered with a full-grain leather upper and sometimes they also come with suede overlays for added support and a premium feel.

Is Adidas Samba durable?

They’re very durable. I have a pair for over 6 years ago, and while I don’t wear them every single day, they’ve outlasted other pairs of shoes purchased around the same time, and worn for a similar amount of time. The Samba is designed to be an indoor soccer shoe, so the sole of the shoe is designed around the grip.


Are Adidas Gazelles good for exercise?

An old-school, retro-looking shoe, it may not be ideal for running but makes a great anchor for weightlifting and the like. The burgundy colorway is perfectly autumnal whilst the suede-look overlays add a tactile touch. First created in 1968, the Gazelle is an iconic shoe that has more stood the test of time.

Are Adidas Gazelles real suede?

So what makes the Gazelle so great apart from its looks? It was the first Adidas shoe to be made from suede (in this case kangaroo velour). At the time training shoes were made out of leather. The benefit of suede is that it is much lighter and suppler while still maintaining a good level of protection for the foot.

Are gazelles comfortable? 

Are Gazelles comfortable? Even though the Gazelle doesn’t use any modern technologies like Boost, they are extremely comfortable. A retro sneaker that has everything you need and nothing that you don’t, they’re pretty lightweight too.

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