3 Best Ultralight Packable Daypacks

Many people are confused and think that a packable daypack is the same as a backpack. That is usually not the case. There are some similarities with the size and make of the daypack and a backpack.

In some cases, a daypack is also called a backpack. They are also both great for carrying things while walking around town, on campus, or even while going sightseeing.

Nevertheless, there are some distinguishable characteristics of daypacks that make them a lot better for traveling and sightseeing, than it will be with a regular backpack.

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3 Best Tents for family of 4

Many families enjoy camping as their favorite pastime or vacation method. Therefore, finding the right tent to sleep in and to hold all of their gear and food storage throughout the trip is a good idea. Some tents are better than others, and the very best tent needs to be found.

Most family sizes average around four people total so that we will be looking at the three best tents for families of four based on their unique features, pros, and cons.

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3 Best Canopy Tents For The Beach

A good canopy tent should be able to make an outdoor picnic safer and enjoyable for the entire family. It is supposed to protect them from the rains, sun, and bugs. The sun, in particular, is important because of sunburns.

Although they only look temporary, they can have long-lasting effects, especially on the babies. They cause blistering, pain and dehydration that can cause infections. Studies have also shown sunburns increase the chance of getting skin cancer.

Therefore, you should consider a tent that protects your family from the sun to ensure they are not sunburned.

A good beach tent should also be convenient to carry and easy to setup. Remember this is an outdoor activity so you cannot go with someone to fix it. It should also give you the freedom of choice regarding design, size, and price. It should not be hard to choose a beach tent for your family.

Below are three canopy tents that we considered the best for the beach.

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Tent buying Guide

Don’t think all tents are the same. They come in a multitude of a variety of shapes and sizes, along with different patents and features. This guide help gives you a better understanding of how to buy your text tent for your camping excursion.

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3 Best Tents For Camping with Dogs

For some people, no camping trip is complete without the companionship of their dog. The idea of crating their dog while they are away on a wilderness vacation is not an option. To them, dogs are family members and deserve to be treated as such. After all, what’s a cozy campfire without being able to share it with man’s best friend?

Each dog owner is different when it comes to camping. Some campers want their dog in the same tent, while others prefer a separate tent. Others decide to keep their dog in the tent with them, but use a crate for extra security.

Whether you share the same space as your dog or not, all dog-friendly tents possess several qualities, including ample ventilation, easy-to-clean material, protection from insects, and sturdy floors that keep your dog’s claws from tearing them. Many dog owners recommend ‘tub’ flooring, which is thicker than nylon and tarp-like.

Ready to embark on a camping adventure with your dog? Here are three of the best dog-friendly tents to consider:

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