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5 Best Portable and Safe Propane tent Heaters for Camping

Winter is upon us, and with the cold weather comes the end of camping season for many a traveler. However, cold weather doesn’t have to keep you indoors!

Don’t stay inside and succumb to cabin fever. Head back outside with your tent and your camping gear to join the wild creatures once again in the great outdoors.

Unlike wildcats and moose, we human beings are not created to endure the cold temperatures of night in the wild. Fortunately for us, we’re smarter than wildcats and moose.

We’ve found ways to cope with our temperature sensitivities! The ancients may have been impressed with fire, but in this technological age, we have something far better: tent heaters.

Tent heaters are a must if you’re camping when it’s cold outside. Even with high-tech sleeping bags, you can’t enjoy a comfortable trip if you’re too cold to move around the tent!

Lately, many safe and portable tent heaters have come on the market. Curious to see your options? You’re in luck, because we’ve picked five of the best tent heaters to show off. Keep reading to learn more!

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5 Best Tent Stakes

I love camping, but I’ve had my fair share of miserable camp experiences, especially when it comes to tent problems. When I was a kid, my camp-loving family actually swore off tent camping and bought a trailer after the worst tent experience ever.

Of course, trailer camping isn’t quite the same as tent camping, you certainly can’t pack a trailer out into the wilderness. Want to enjoy great camping trips without tent failures? Then you need to invest in some good tent pegs.

Everyone knows the tent pegs that come with most tents are crap. You can’t pound them into hard dirt or expect them to stick in soft earth.

I once watched with great amusement as a friend’s tent blew across the beach after its tent pegs totally failed in the sand. If you don’t want to be the dude chasing a tent – or pounding dangerous rebar in the ground—then it’s time to get some real tent pegs.

If you want something you can rely on, then it’s a good idea to invest in quality tent pegs. As a rule, these tend to be affordable, and they can be worth their weight in gold when you get a good night of sleep out in the wilderness.

Wondering where to get good tent pegs for your next camping trip? You’re in the right place! We’ll look at the various types of tent stakes and give you a recommendation for each.

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