3 Best Ultralight Packable Daypacks

Many people are confused and think that a packable daypack is the same as a backpack. That is usually not the case. There are some similarities with the size and make of the daypack and a backpack.

In some cases, a daypack is also called a backpack. They are also both great for carrying things while walking around town, on campus, or even while going sightseeing.

Nevertheless, there are some distinguishable characteristics of daypacks that make them a lot better for traveling and sightseeing, than it will be with a regular backpack.

Daypacks are great as a carry-on bag while traveling when you can’t get to your main bag or suitcase because it’s in the baggage area, in the compartment above your airplane seat, or in your hotel room.

A good quality daypack with useful features is essential when out and about and sightseeing to carry your viable items, such as your wallet, camera, sunscreen, guidebook, laptop, keys, water bottle, sunscreen, and/or a light jacket.

Quick Comparison: 3 Best Ultralight Packable Daypacks

Packable DaypacksSizePrice
The North Face Jester26LCheck Price
The Friendly Swede
Our Best Pick
25LCheck Price
Mengar35LCheck Price

With all of this said, the following features should be considered when choosing the best ultralight, packable daypack:


  • Foldable/Packable- when you are not using the daypack, you can easily fold it down to pack into the main bag.

Plenty of Pockets

  • Plenty of Pockets- when there are multiple pockets, you can easily find different items, and you can keep electronics, like your mobile device and laptop, safe from potential leakages from a water bottle or other liquids, like lotion.

Laptop Compartment

  • Laptop Compartment- it’s easier to get to your laptop, and the laptop will be safe from potential leakages from water bottles/other liquids.


  • Durability- for obvious reasons in that it lasts longer and to withstand against rough hiking situations, bad weather, and accidental dropping.


  • Waterproof- you never how the weather and other elements going to be while travelling from place to place. Thus, it’s always best to be properly prepared.


  • Security- because pickpocketing is really common in big cities, it’s great to choose a daypack in which the main compartment is protected with the covering of buckles, drawstrings, etc.


  • Comfort- some really light daypacks may not be so comfortable because they don’t have padded shoulder straps or other necessary padding for comfort.


  • Size- the travel daypack should be between 20L to 35L. It should be big enough to hold your vital items but not too big. Otherwise, it would be considerably like a main bag or suitcase. And it will possibly be uncomfortable.

Carries a Yoga Mat Easily, if applicable

  • Carries a Yoga Mat Easily, if applicable- this applies only if you are planning to do yoga out somewhere. In these cases, straps are built in or on the daypack to hold the yoga mat.

3 Best Ultralight Daypacks

These three daypacks are loaded with mainly all the great features mentioned above in which constitute them as being some of the best daypacks in the market.

1.The North Face Jester Daypack Backpack

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  • It’s 100% waterproof.
  • Durable- customers love that it can stand tough situations, such as hiking.
  • It’s foldable and can be packed in a main bag.
  • It’s great for women and men.


  • The inner lining stitching is not as strong as other North Face products.
  • The straps are very thick and stiff.
  • The back portion is a huge, stiff, and thick board.


The North Face Jester Daypack Backpack will be fine to carry around for a few hours a day. Due to the make of the straps and the back, it will be uncomfortable to carry around for a very long time.

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2.The Friendly Swede 25L Ultralight Packable Backpack Daypack with Paracord Keychain

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  • It’s spacious and lightweight.
  • It can easily fold into a small pocket.
  • It’s made from rip stop nylon and with a SBS zipper that assures better quality.
  • It has a Paracord keychain that can be used in various ways and is handy for carrying your keys.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.


  • Some customers complained of the handle ripping with only a limited time of using it.


With all the extended, worthwhile features and a lifetime warranty, this daypack is definitely the crème of the crop of daypacks.

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3.Mengar 35L Lightweight Water Resistant Packable Travel Backpack Daypack for Men & Women

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  • This comes with a stylish design and the colors of green and black.
  • It’s tear and water resistant.
  • It’s durable and comfortable.
  • It has padding in various areas for comfort, such as on the shoulder straps, and the shoulder straps are adjusting.
  • It has multiple compartments for great organization and storage.
  • You can hold a 17 inch laptop in one compartment, a t-shirts, book, toiletries, or a tablet for another compartment, and a water bottle or an umbrella for the side compartments.
  • This daypack also has two front zipper pockets to hold small items, such as a purse, phone, MP3 player, pens/markets, business cards, a camera, keys, power bank, or so on


  • There’s no mention of a warranty


Even though there is no mention of warranty, this could still be the best of the best daypack also due to even more worthwhile features that are excellent for storage and organization. Not to mention, this daypack can easily fold into a compact size.

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