3 Best Tents For Camping with Dogs

For some people, no camping trip is complete without the companionship of their dog. The idea of crating their dog while they are away on a wilderness vacation is not an option. To them, dogs are family members and deserve to be treated as such. After all, what’s a cozy campfire without being able to share it with man’s best friend?

Each dog owner is different when it comes to camping. Some campers want their dog in the same tent, while others prefer a separate tent. Others decide to keep their dog in the tent with them, but use a crate for extra security.

Whether you share the same space as your dog or not, all dog-friendly tents possess several qualities, including ample ventilation, easy-to-clean material, protection from insects, and sturdy floors that keep your dog’s claws from tearing them. Many dog owners recommend ‘tub’ flooring, which is thicker than nylon and tarp-like.

Ready to embark on a camping adventure with your dog? Here are three of the best dog-friendly tents to consider:

Pawhut Mesh Outdoor Camp Pop Up Pet / Dog Camping Tent
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35" x 28"Check Price
Wenzel Pine Ridge5-PersonCheck Price
Coleman Red Canyon8-PersonCheck Price

1.Coleman Red Canyon tent

Coleman Canyon Person Tent Black

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If you camp with a large family – plus your dog – you may want to consider Coleman’s eight-person Red Canyon Tent. Setup is easy, despite its size. This tent is ideal for dogs for many reasons, including an adjustable venting system with a Cool-Air port – a feature that is essential for keeping dogs cool in hot weather.


  • There are several benefits to this tent, including plenty of space inside. If you own a large canine, the last thing you want is to feel cramped in a small tent.
  • In addition, this tent features more than one privacy wall. Once put into place, these walls offer up to three rooms for privacy. That way you can keep your dog from roaming around the tent while others are sleeping.


  • The drawback to these privacy walls is that they have been difficult for some campers to deploy. Read the directions carefully the first time you install them.

Final verdict

If you insist on taking your dog with you and you have a sizable number of campers going on a trip – this tent might be a perfect choice. Adults and children will sleep comfortably in this spacious tent, and so will your dog.

2.Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent

Wenzel Pine Ridge Person Tent

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Another dog-friendly tent that is popular and has good reviews is the Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent. This tent sleeps up to five people, though some consumers claim it’s more comfortable for four people.

If you plan on camping with your dog with this tent, you might want to reduce the number of human campers down to three to ensure you have plenty of sleeping space.


  • For this tent, the pros include excellent ventilation thanks to two mesh doors, plus a mesh window. There is also meshing on the roof.
  • This tent also has a hanging divider curtain so you can block off separate rooms for privacy if you need to keep your dog on your side of the tent and away from guests.
  • This tent also provides Weather Armor polyurethane coating to protect you and your dog from the elements. It also features a welded polyurethane tub floor to resist holes from your dog’s claws.


  • One con to this tent is its double-zippered entry, which can cause problems if you need to enter or exit quickly. Based on purchaser reviews, you may have to use two hands, not one, to open and close the tent. This can be a minor inconvenience, but it is something to consider when you are not only trying to get in and out of the tent yourself but with a canine sidekick as well.

Final verdict

Overall, we like this tent because of the durable materials it is made of, its spaciousness and the generous meshing inside for better airflow. If you can overlook the inconvenience of the double-zipper entry, this could be the right camping tent for you and your dog.

3.Pawhunt Outdoor Camp Pop-Up Dog Camping Tent

Pawhut Mesh Outdoor Camp Camping

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If you like taking your dog camping, but don’t want to share the same tent while sleeping or hosting friends, Pawhunt Outdoor Camp Pop-Up Dog Camping Tent may be the solution for you. Measuring 35″ x 28″, this tent is roomy enough for larger canines.

This pet-only tent weighs fewer than three pounds, so it’s a breeze to carry and store. For convenience, it also comes with a carrying case.

Setup is easy and metal stakes are included for extra security.


  • The positives of this tent are several, including its waterproof exterior and UV protection.
  • This tent is dust-proof as well. This can be a bonus if you camp in sandy or extra-dusty areas.
  • The windows use mesh material, so your dog will also be protected from insects, especially annoying mosquitoes. The mesh windows also keep the inside vented to prevent your dog from overheating.


  • One drawback of this tent is that the rods are fiberglass. Some campers have inadvertently bent or broken these rods. Take special care when handling the rods by not applying too much force to the fiberglass.

Final verdict

The Pawhunt Dog Camping Tent is worth a try, especially if you love your dog, but need a separate, stand-alone shelter. It’s perfect for those times when you need privacy in your own tent or have guests with you who aren’t crazy about having a dog in the tent you’re sharing with them.

Finally, before you decide on which tent you’ll purchase, make a list of the factors that are important to you as a dog owner. Take into consideration the size of your dog, the number in your camping party, and other variables. That way you will select a tent to accommodate man’s best friend as well as other human campers involved.

Camping with a dog can be a fun, pleasant and memorable experience – especially when you’ve done proper research and find a tent that perfectly fits your adventurous, dog-loving lifestyle.

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