3 Best Canopy Tents For The Beach

A good canopy tent should be able to make an outdoor picnic safer and enjoyable for the entire family. It is supposed to protect them from the rains, sun, and bugs. The sun, in particular, is important because of sunburns.

Although they only look temporary, they can have long-lasting effects, especially on the babies. They cause blistering, pain and dehydration that can cause infections. Studies have also shown sunburns increase the chance of getting skin cancer.

Therefore, you should consider a tent that protects your family from the sun to ensure they are not sunburned.

A good beach tent should also be convenient to carry and easy to setup. Remember this is an outdoor activity so you cannot go with someone to fix it. It should also give you the freedom of choice regarding design, size, and price. It should not be hard to choose a beach tent for your family.

Below are three canopy tents that we considered the best for the beach.

Coleman Mountain View Screen Dome Shelter
Our Best Pick
Medium (Fits 4 people)Check Price
Clam Corporation Quick-Set Escape ShelterLarge (Fits a picnic table)Check Price
Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach TentSmall (Fits 2 people)Check Price

1.Coleman Mountain View 12×12 Screen Dome Shelter

Shelter 12x12 Screendome Coleman

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This canopy tent excels in all three- sun, bugs, and rain protection and that is why it comes at position one. This tent is the best because of its versatility. Also, the tent is bigger than other comparable canopy tents. However, you should note that this canopy tent is little pricier than the others are. It is, however, worth for the money.


  • It comes with mesh walls that are stashed into inbuilt projects to ensure that bugs cannot get in. This makes it a good tent if you want to sleep on the beach
  • It has a peak height of 7 feet 5 inches and comes with a domed roof that makes it spacious
  • It comes with wall panels that can be clipped on for extra privacy or shade. This also means that no matter how you set up the tent, you will be protected from the sun since you can always zip the panels back on. These panels can also be zipped off to make the tent an open tent with just one wall blocking the sun. It’s an excellent feature for people who are not worried about bugs or those camping with a large group that is trying to access something from the tent. Two panels clip quickly thus increasing protection from the sun and offering more privacy. They also allow you to change sides when the sun is rising and setting
  • It comes with a Carry Bag, Guy lines, and ground stakes, so it is easy to move it from one place to another


  • Well-constructed to ensure maximum protection especially from the sun and bugs
  • Made with quality and functional material, so it is likely to last longer
  • Smooth operating zippers


  • So many people have complained that it is hard to set up despite Amazon claiming two people can set it up for 10 minutes. However, this is not a deal breaker if you compare it with the advantages of owning this tent. Once you get used to setting it up, it takes less time.
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2.Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze Easy Beach Tent

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As the name suggests, this tent is easy to set up and take down. Reviews show that one person can set it up quickly in one minute. This tent is the real deal if you are planning a camp of two to four people on the beach. It comes with three windows instead of two which makes it perfect for the beach.


  • Ideally designed using the EasyUp Hub method, which makes sure it is easy to set it up
  • Lightweight and compact which makes it easy for individuals to carry it around. It comes with full packing kits including carrying case, stakes and comes with a one-year warranty
  • Its measures are 87 L x 47 H x 49 D. this enables it to offer maximum sun protection as well as shelter from the rain
  • It comes with large windows that offer plenty of ventilation and allow individuals to enjoy the pleasant cross breeze on the beach
  • It comes with interior storage pockets that its users can use to store items
  • It is durable and long lasting. The material used to construct the tent is high quality so once you buy a tent; it will take some time before you think about replacing it


  • It is very light, easy to set up, and affordable
  • The makers have a guide video on how to set up the tent and their customer services are incredible


  • It cannot accommodate more than four people so it may not be suitable for a large family.
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3.Clam Quickset Escape

Clam Corporation Quick Set 40-Inch

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The tent weighs 34 pounds and comes in a huge g foot long carrying bag. However, this should not make you think that it is hard to set it up. You can set it up with less than a minute. Its hexagonal shelter opens up like an accordion.

It has a looped handle in the middle of the panels that enable the walls to pop out firmly. Finally, all you have to do is to pop up the roof, which is less than eight feet. The fact that there are no poles to connect and sleeves to the thread make the process easier. This tent is remarkably easy to set up even for one person despite its size.


Comes with a guide video, carrying bag, water resistant roof, tent stakes, and tie down ropes.


  • Easy to set up and its quality is good


  • You cannot set up a picnic table inside without damaging it
  • Difficult to make the stakes get into the ground
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So many things determine the choice of the canopy tent to choose so that the type will differ among different people. However, reviews have shown the above three stand out compared to the rest.


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